Data Center Events

SearchDataCenter's event calendar features upcoming events, conferences, and trade shows from our industry partners across the globe.

  • CommunicAsia 2017 Summit

    Date: 23-25 May 2017
    Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  • TechTarget Data Center Events

    TechTarget hosts a variety of data center management (DCM) events—from DCM focused seminars to large-scale conferences— to help you keep up with all of the latest trends impacting data center design, management and maintenance in today’s organizations.

  • Modern Infrastructure and Operations

    At our Modern Infrastructure and Operations event, industry experts explore the next generation of hybrid cloud, virtualization management, and containers, and examine how these evolving trends are impacting the roles of today’s IT pros and developers.

  • All TechTarget Editorial events in your area

    Each year, TechTarget hosts and partners with a number of expert events across the country around key cloud, virtualization, mobility and data center strategies and technologies.

For a complete list of all TechTarget-produced events visit the corporate events page.