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April 2006

  • IT giants back Green Grid initiative

    AMD, IBM, HP and Sun sponsor initiative for users to work out power management and cooling issues.

  • The total cost of cooling

    Cooling expert Steve Madara of Liebert Corporation explains how to evaluate the cost of cooling your data center, and why it's smart to plan for future technologies.

  • Cooling data centers: A look toward the future

    Expert Steve Madara gives you a glimpse into the future of cooling the data center.

  • Uptime Institute warns against tier standard misuse

    The Uptime Institute Inc.'s tier classification for data center performance has become a de facto standard. But the misapplication of those standards can lead to ugly surprises.

  • Cooling blade servers

    Expert Robert McFarlane explains what's needed to cool blade servers.

  • Cooling high-density racks

    Cooling expert Steve Madara explains why it's good to be concerned about the heat from high-density racks in the data center, and what to do to optimize your existing cooling technologies.

  • Cooling racks

    Expert Robert McFarlane tells readers what he thinks about cooling racks.

  • What's the best way to install a wall vapor barrier?

    We have a 5,000 square foot computer room in the interior of a 40,000 square foot office, which is one floor of multi-story building. The computer room wall is 2HR rated with noise batts.

  • IBM rolls out z9 Business Class

    Today IBM introduced a smaller mainframe, the z9 Business Class. Designed with smaller businesses in mind, the machine is an upgrade of the model z890.

  • Top items in a capacity planning and performance monitoring program

    Regardless of the size or complexity of your organization, a capacity planning and performance monitoring program is essential for proactive planning and management of your data center.

  • CDP not always a substitute for conventional backup

    Continuous data protection (CDP) technology may be a hot backup technology, but it doesn't fulfill every enterprise backup function, particularly when it comes to archival storage.

  • CIOs voice skepticism about Sun CEO impact

    Scott McNealy seems to have plenty of confidence in his handpicked successor, Jonathan Schwartz, but CIOs wonder if he's the man to reinvigorate Sun.

  • CICS statistics -- reporting and predicting systems behavior

    To get the most out of your statistics records you need software to gather, archive and report on them.

  • State of the blade: Report from the Server Blade Summit

    According to attendees at the Server Blade Summit last week, IT shops are standardizing on single vendor platforms for consolidation. Analysts say IBM is leading the pack.

  • ASHRAE considerations for data centers

    Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers

  • Overheating servers

    Expert Robert McFarlane explains why servers can overheat, and offers some suggestions on how to fix it--before it costs big money.

  • UPS maintenance outage

    A reader wrote in asking what the best practices were for running a data center when maintenance is being done to the UPS. See what expert Robert McFarlane had to say.

  • TCP/IP problem

    A z/OS newbie wrote in asking for help with TCP/IP addresses. Expert Mark Zelden tries to help and directs him to a place where he can read more about it.

  • Performance without high DASD usage

    Expert Mark Zelden tries to help one of our members find a way to maximize his data striping performance.

  • Ethernet-converted printers

    Expert Mark Zelden explains that the answer is in the software when it comes to varying on and off-line Ethernet-converted printers.