• March 02, 2006 02 Mar'06

    How to switch an enterprise to OSS, part one

    Learn the right way how to plan for worst-case scenarios, assessing system inventories, and rollouts when you migrate your commercial software to OSS in a corporate environment.  Continue Reading

  • March 01, 2006 01 Mar'06

    IBM system z9 and business compliance

    While commentators pay attention to the mainframe's role in security, for data serving, in disaster recovery, and to run the business, relatively little attention has been paid to its role in business compliance. And yet, the mainframe has a ...  Continue Reading

  • March 01, 2006 01 Mar'06

    Fast Reference: Storage

    DAS, NAS, SAN? You know what they are, but how about a guide to knowing what's what? This Fast Reference gives the key points to each storage technology--including the pros and cons.  Continue Reading