• May 02, 2005 02 May'05

    Become.com: Search engine data center fast track

    Startup search engine data center: Two search engine veterans launch a new shopping site with an IT infrastructure designed to get off the ground by the quickest, cheapest and most reliable means possible.  Continue Reading

  • May 02, 2005 02 May'05

    Connecting storage networks

    In this tip, we'll offer some things to consider when attaching the servers that make up the SAN whether you're using a dedicated Gigabit-Ethernet switch or a private subnet.  Continue Reading

  • May 02, 2005 02 May'05

    FYI: All-inclusive messaging with Gordano

    Talk about not playing favorites. The messaging server from U.K.-based Gordano Ltd., called GMS v.10, plays with proprietary and open source operating systems alike. Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX, it doesn't matter -- Gordano is platform independent....  Continue Reading