• November 21, 2005 21 Nov'05

    Linux basics for Windows admins

    IT pros who know how to improve performance and tune proprietary applications to run on Linux will be in big demand, analysts say. So, why not take steps toward making yourself a hot commodity? This extensive library of basic Linux information has ...  Continue Reading

  • November 21, 2005 21 Nov'05

    Tips and tricks for working in OpenOffice

    Here are some handy OpenOffice 2.0 tips from site expert Solveig Haugland. Discover ways to draw and share files in and migrate to OpenOffice 2.0.  Continue Reading

  • November 18, 2005 18 Nov'05

    Big Blue's buy-in strategy

    IBM is buying management toolmakers left and right. Mainframe pros hope the investment will lower the cost of running big iron and raise its value proposition. Will it pay off for the platform?  Continue Reading

  • November 17, 2005 17 Nov'05

    FTP reporting tool eases mainframe compliance

    With FTP causing compliance headaches in many organizations, mainframe software firm Software Assist has released a tool designed to corral FTP and get a handle on users.  Continue Reading

  • November 17, 2005 17 Nov'05

    The Price of Power

    Traditionally, power consumption was just a cost of doing business, well within the realm of facilities management. But as both the price and demand for power continue to rise, it's a problem IT can no longer afford to ignore. Our four-part series ...  Continue Reading

  • November 17, 2005 17 Nov'05

    10 GigE -- Cable's 'next big thing'

    The data center industry is abuzz about 10 Gigabit Ethernet cabling. But many IT managers still have questions about what it is, why it's better than what they have now and where 10 GigE can take them.  Continue Reading

  • November 17, 2005 17 Nov'05

    Server Specs: The week in supercomputing

    IBM dominates the Top500 project; Cisco unveils new products for InfiniBand; Sun looks to go big in Japan; and Linux Networx attempts HPC for the masses.  Continue Reading