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Have a happy refresh cycle

Data center equipment refreshes are expensive and time-consuming, but there are ways to ease the most arduous steps of the IT lifecycle -- and possibly even make a little money.

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Facebook servers and cold storage in action

Facebook opened up its hyperscale data center in North Carolina for a look at its Open Compute Project servers, cold storage facility and floral conservation area.


Malicious and maladroit security problems from KVMs

Remote KVMs represent both convenience and potential for disaster. A few simple security steps can prevent downed servers, whether from an intentional attack or a simple miscommunicated update.

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How well do you know big iron?

Make sure you know what is significant about the mainframe. Take this quiz to find out what you should brush up on.

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  • Converged infrastructure (CI)

    Legacy suppliers get the urge to converge

    With sales sagging, legacy hardware suppliers are scurrying to form partnerships with a new generation of converged infrastructure vendors. But will these newly minted converged systems convince IT to open up the purse strings?

  • Data Center Jobs and Staffing and Professional Development

    CompTIA floats vendor-neutral cloud certifications

    Third-party cloud certifications are on the rise, with CompTIA seeing cloud technology infiltrate its major certifications. But some IT experts question the value of a certification that eschews vendor-specific information.

  • Data center capacity planning

    Handle an unexpected IT event like a data center pro

    When an unexpected IT event crashes a website, there is an effect throughout the business. Learn to prepare for the worst and handle the unexpected.